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Residential building Apollo 19 Heilbronn


    For the first time, a Federal Horticulture Show has integrated an urban architecture exhibition into a classic garden show: Right in the middle of Heilbronn, on the grounds of the Horticulture Show, a model city district has been developed. Both architecture and innovative building technology play a central role in the project. After 2019, the area will grow into the “Neckarbogen” city quarter, which will be home to around 3.500 people and up to 1.000 workplaces. While the Show is still going on, a six-storey residential and commercial building called Apollo 19 which looks out towards a lake has already been completed.

    The building association Apollo 19 wanted to realise its ideas about building, living and working together in a cooperative building project. As a result, dwellings for different concepts of life, from the secondary annexe to the age-appropriate apartment with flexible floor plans have been created. Commercial and community spaces such as a roof garden as well as a ground-floor bistro with a shop facilitate the communal use of the building.

    Structure – Twelve apartments of different sizes and layouts are arranged from the South-West to the North-East facade. They are organised around a central core including a lift for barrier-free access. The ground floor is a partially communal space with areas for catering, a kitchen, toilets, storage rooms, bicycle parking, spaces for rubbish bins and a small shop. The basement includes areas for storage and technical services as well as a drying room. It is also directly connected to the jointly used underground carpark: Six parking spaces are registered for the property.
    Green spaces – The link between indoor and outdoor areas is part of the architectural concept: On the upper floors, “green rooms” form an intermediate area, linking the loggia-like gardens to individual apartments. The roof is designed as a jointly used roof garden with lush greenery.
    Structural engineering – The support structure of the residential and commercial building has been developed as a robust, three-dimensional birdcage scaffold. The economic wood-hybrid design has a wide span and is arranged around a staircase core stiffening the building as well as housing a lift. This design provides for flexible apartment types and sizes. Using wood as a basic building material offers positive physical properties as well as lowering the amount of CO2 emitted during construction.

    Innovative technology
    The facade is based on the principle of maximising solar energy generation while also providing effective external shading. By contrast, conventional insulation aims at minimising energy losses. The Efficient Building Standard 55 based on the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) 2016 has been met – in fact, the building is around 25% more efficient than this standard. Power is generated by photovoltaic panels on the roof with an output of around 7-8 kWp. The apartments are ventilated via a central fresh and exhaust air system with heat recovery. The air volume handled by the system can be controlled for each apartment individually.

    Services Wenzel + Wenzel: Tendering, Award of Contracts, Site Supervision

    Client: Apollo 19 – Baugemeinschaft GbR

    Design: Motorlab Architekten, Mannheim

    Award: “Beispielhaftes Bauen Stadt- und Landkreis Heilbronn 2015-2020” (AKBW)

    Project data:
    period of performance: 2016 – 2018
    gross room volume: ca. 7,500 m³
    gross floor area: ca. 2,100 m²
    costs: ca. €2.8 m

    Photos: © BUGA, Wenzel + Wenzel
    Text: Wenzel + Wenzel, Peter Bender – Motorlab Architekten