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Youth Hostel Bayreuth


    The Bayreuth Youth Hostel is a two-storey structure built around a central atrium/lobby area in the shape of a star whose points seem to be growing into the surrounding landscape. The bedroom wings are 30 m long and point towards the Northeast and Southeast respectively. In the bedroom wings, the roof is a massive reinforced concrete ceiling with a timber structure on top of it, while the timber roof structure is fully visible from underneath in the seminar and lobby areas. The spaces between the building’s wings are occupied by a sports ground, an adventure playground and a vegetation zone which, together with the building,  form a coherent overall concept. The low height of the building underlines its topographical integration and avoids the impression of urban dominance which would have been created by a multi-storey building in an otherwise green area.

    Purpose of the planned building:
    School classes and sports groups will be the main users of the building. This goal was borne in mind when designing both the indoor and outdoor areas. Apart from various administrative and lounge areas, a dining hall, a kitchen and several seminar rooms, the building will have 45 bedrooms with a total of 180 beds.

    Services Wenzel + Wenzel: Cost estimates, Cost Calculation, Tendering, Award of contracts, Site Supervision, Project Supervison

    Client: Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk Bayern. This project is supported by Bayerisches Staatsministeriums für Arbeit und Soziales, Familie und Integration and is part of the official Bavarian “Kinder- und Jugendprogramm”.

    Design: LAVA GmbH, Berlin

    Project data:
    period of performance: 2015 – 2017
    gross room volume: ca. 13,650 m³
    gross floor area: ca. 3,400 m²
    costs: ca. €7m 

    Fotos: ©  Wenzel + Wenzel
    Renderings: © LAVA GmbH, Berlin