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Judicial Centre Gelsenkirchen


On behalf of the Münster branch of the real estate management authority of the Federal State of Northrhine-Westfalia, a consortium of developers is currently building a new judicial centre for the city of Gelsenkirchen. New facilities for the Local Court, the Industrial Tribunal and the Social Court are built on the corner of Bochumer Strasse and Junkerweg. The new building will also house the community services of the NRW Judiciary.

The judicial centre consists of three interconnected cuboid structures. The largest part of the building along Bochumer Strasse will house all courtrooms as well as a cafeteria, a library and the land registry. Access to the building is through a central atrium. The two smaller parts of the building accommodate offices. The building complex will offer a total of 23 courtrooms and 222 offices for 312 employees. The underground carpark has a capacity of 83 places. A further 70 parking spaces will be built above ground. It is hoped that the concentration of 3 courts in one place will create synergies and save costs.

Services Wenzel + Wenzel: Cost Planning, Tendering, Award of contracts, Site Supervision (partially)

Client: BLB NRW Münster

Design: harris + kurrle architekten bda, Stuttgart

Project data:
period of performance: 2012 – 2014
gross room volume: ca. 70,000 m³
gross floor area: ca. 19,600 m²
costs: ca. €30m 

Photos © Roland Halbe
Text: © Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW