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Hospital Research Tower Frankfurt


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In the new building complex of the ECSCF (European Cardiovascular Science Centre Frankfurt), which is part of the hospital of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, is designed to promote cooperation between the different research groups of the cardiovascular excellence cluster. The new building will provide more space for large high-tech equipment. Together with the buildings no. 22 and 25, the research and lab building ECSCF (no. 25 B) embraces the campus, which opens up towards the Main river promenade. It echoes the research tower built in 2004. Together, the two buildings mark the main entrance to the hospital on the riverside.The building is characterised by the addition of simple geometric shapes logically resulting from the functional processes going on inside. The functional areas are arranged around a central rectangular courtyard which also serves as an atrium. The main entrance is on the ground floor, along with the examination, treatment and doctors’ rooms, while the upper floors accommodate the labs and offices.

Services Wenzel + Wenzel: Site Supervision

Client: Land Hessen, represented by the Hessische Baumanagement

Design: Nickl & Partner Architekten AG, Munich

Project data:
period of performance: 2009 – 2012
gross room volume: ca. 28,850 m³
gross floor area: ca. 5,850 m²
costs: ca. €22m 

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