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Terminal 3 Frankfurt


    Terminal 3 will be developed on the South side of Frankfurt Airport on land previously used as a US military base. The design is modular, and construction work will be split in two phases. The first one was approved in August 2014 and comprises the main terminal building with two gates and a total of 24 building positions. It will have an annual capacity of up to 14 million passengers.

    In order to connect the new terminal to the existing airport infrastructure, the baggage transport system and the passenger transfer system “Sky Line” will be extended. The first phase also includes the construction of open spaces, roads and gate facilities around Terminal 3 as well as an additional motorway junction. The second construction phase will be started at a later time as required.

    Apart from expanding the airport capacity, the new terminal design also aims at improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. The technical concept for the building will completely avoid the use of fossile energy carriers or external heating energy. 

    Fraport currently plans to commission the first section of Terminal 3 in 2022 at the latest, after having completed a comprehensive trial run and successful functional tests.

    Services Wenzel + Wenzel: Execution planning, Tendering, Award of contracts, Site Supervision, Project Supervison

    Client: Fraport AG, Frankfurt am Main

    Design: Christoph Mäckler Architekten, Frankfurt am Main

    Project data:
    period of performance: 2012 – approx. 2023
    gross room volume: ca. 2,380,000 m³
    gross floor area: ca. 324,400 m²
    costs: confidentially

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