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Torhaus A University Kassel


    Torhaus A is a three-storey, cube-shaped brick building with a hip roof. It features a central avant-corps facing west. Towards the east, the staircase forms a protrusion in the building structure. The building is around 27 m long by 13 m wide. The eaves are 14.70 above the ground. The ground floor is about 1 m above ground level. The subdivision into storeys is highlighted by an all-around ledge on the facade. The windows are of the segmental arched type, and some of them were originally designed as French windows, i.e. reached all the way down to the floor, but later, they were replaced by windows only reaching down to parapet height.

    Services Wenzel + Wenzel: Tendering, Award of contracts, Site Supervision

    Client: Land Hessen, represented by Hessisches Baumanagement

    Design: raumzeit Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Berlin

    Project data:
    period of performance: 2010 – 2011
    gross room volume: ca. 6,850 m³
    gross floor area: ca. 1,400 m²
    costs: ca. €2.7m