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All our locations in Germany and abroad have been certified under DIN ISO 9001.

More than 65 years of Wenzel + Wenzel

Executing award-winning designs to the highest standards
We read the architects' language and manage the building site. With our longstanding experience and full range of competences, we can offer our partners the highest level of planning reliability and realise their projects on time and on budget



General Planning

We take charge of Europe-wide award procedures for complex planning and construction projects. We support architectural designers and developers in their interdisciplinary planning work and protect their interests on a fiduciary basis.

Site Management

Due to our many years of experience, we are a reliable partner in the realisation of ambitious designs. We coordinate the execution of building work and monitor compliance with the planning permission, the execution drawings, the specifications and the technical and legal regulations.

Quality Assurance

On behalf of our clients, we carry out projects to the highest quality standards. We have developed rules guaranteeing efficient communication with all stakeholders. All our team members attend further training seminars on a regular basis. Our academy plan is the basis for career development.